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Divine Message

22 Astral Worlds

A brief description about 22 Astral Worlds
In the space, in and around earth there lies the world of dead souls (Booth Loka), which comprises of three elements – Fire, Air & Space.  Many spirits wander here, after leaving their mortals.  Some souls come to earth again, taking rebirth.  Among these, some souls being so good, pray God in that ancestral world, as they had left their physical body in the remembrance of God.  Some realised souls, after shedding out their body, never want to come back to this birth & death cycle. Such souls enter into suitable human bodies and start doing things on their own.  But these spirits will never have the Godly knowledge.  They have only some “Scriptural Knowledge”, i.e. shasthra gyan but not the real divine knowledge.  Godly knowledge tells us HIS Story (God’s story), hence it is our true “History”.

Nowadays in devotional meetings called Satsangh, we see a lot of saints telling their own versions of mythological stories and epics.  They cant reveal the ultimate truth.  They attract large crowds as they are possessed by spirits of three elements. 

Some bad souls leave this world when they are in full negativity.  These sinful souls occupy someone’s body, eat, drink and enjoy according to their resolves (bundle of thoughts).  Moreover they make the person possessed, do many bad things.  These souls will occupy only the people who have nothing but the habit of hurting others always.  In addition to this, these spirits make the possessed one so weak. 

Some positive souls never want to come back to this earth, the world of death.  They, praising the God and burning their sins out, uplift themselves spiritually and go to higher stages gradually.  They travel to the worlds – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and so on, do penance continuously sitting in peace.  They will be somewhere within the 22 astral worlds, meditating on God and making spiritual efforts (purusharth) to reach the supreme abode.  Divine souls of three elements, who reside in higher worlds guide the souls who are coming from earth, in their spiritual journey, lift them up and elevate themselves too.  These saint-souls alone are guiding some souls of bad resolves (Karma) to take re-birth as deaf, dumb, blind and insane in this world, in order to suffer and exhaust their own and parental sins (ancestral karma).

Souls which belong to different divine worlds reach their respective spiritual domains after liberation.  They merge into the 108 seed souls, accordingly.  To the extent the souls reach celestial heights, they will remain thoughtless.  By being in the state of Nirsankalpa alone, the power of supreme elements can be improved.  At the end of Diamond age (auspicious confluence age) Supreme Father would take the seed souls of the Universe to his abode by boarding them in the boat of divine knowledge.

Even with limited knowledge, pure love (Supreme Abode) for God would make them go along with divine mother & father to the Paramdham.  By having seated in the throne of their heart alone, we get the divine power, as love is a power by itself.  Only with total faith and surrender, souls can reach higher worlds.  If we go higher and higher, we could see lesser and lesser crowd of souls follow us.  Today, the whole world has become the world of beast.  Confluence age is of 100 years.  When we go upward in our spiritual journey, the pressure of gross elements gets decreased and supreme elemental factor of the soul becomes powerful.  In the above worlds, there are many angelic souls meditating on God to reach better spiritual planes.  Up to 9 spiritual worlds, there were no other religions except deity religion.  Only one religion, one sect and one language prevailed.  There was an unified path of living.  Only in the 10th world, the discrimination of Aryans & Anaryans began.  Aryans (Positive) lived always with God parents and Anaryans due to some lack of love, came down south. Aryans worshipped deities and anaryans worshipped snake.  Around 4500 years ago, the holy birth of Lord Krishna took place.  Approximately 5000 years ago, the divine incarnation of Lord Rama took place.  From 14th world onwards, the creation was done by physical mating. The portraits, pictures and statues in temples which describe sexual intercourse were formed at this time only.  The Emperor Vikramadithya ruled in this period.  In this astral world, Manu – Satrupa lived happily as the first couple of the world. Through them only the procreation began through physical relationship.  At first this knowledge was given only to create children.  At that time, this act was considered as a very holy one.  In this time period, King Vikramadithya formed Shivling in all the astral worlds actually to explain the process of physical procreation.  In the worlds 15, 16 & 17, the war between Deities and Demons arose.  The deities were powerful and light enough to fly, but not the demons.  Till 15th  world there was no knowledge of procreation.  Below this astral world alone, all the negative feelings and vices started emerging like jealousy, hatred, lust, etc.

Below 18th world, the corporeal elements, i.e. water & earth came into existence.  When the souls were in 19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd world, it was called “Half Heaven” (Semi Swarg).  If we go up and above, our supreme elemental force improves and also we elevate ourselves from the level of gross elements to the level of subtle elements. In the higher worlds, souls were created by thought power; they created many palaces and gardens with the same thought power in those astral worlds. 

Between 9 and 8 celestial degrees, Seed souls created Brahmandas or Galaxies. First 24 souls created 1000 Brahmandas each;  the other Seed souls among 108 souls created 500 brahmandas each; 9 lakh Seed souls created at least one Galaxy each.  Seed souls got transformed from metaphysical level to physical level,  so also their creation.

Every hundred years, the post of Indra is given to suitable persons.  The reason is the person who occupies the throne, misuses his position because of his egoistic attitude.  Any soul which makes spiritual efforts can become Indra, the ruler of angels.

Above the 22 astral worlds there are Brahmapuri, Vishnupuri, Shivpuri & Mahashivpuri. 

The period of establishment for each religion (approximately):

Establishment Period   
No beginning or end
(Some opine, Buddha came 3800 years back)
Before 2600 years
Before 2600 years


Before 2500 years
Before 2006 years
Before 1500 years
Before 1426 years
Before 500 years 


Every religion came into existence in respective time periods.  Before all the religions were founded, we lived in total peace beyond time and space.  The important thing which we ought to think deeply is “who were the ancestors for all these religious founders?”. 

Now the population of the world is 600 crores app. It might reach 700 crores in future.  In 1936  there were just 150 crores; in the year 1850, it was 100 crores; and in the year 1750, it was 50 crores.  All these souls emerged from 33 crores, which is the original deity population.  Those 33 crores of deity souls should get transformed again.
Let us utilize this golden opportunity and elevate ourselves as gods and goddesses.

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