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We are pleased to announce the publication of our new book with the name of The Aum of All Things, by Ruzbeh N. Bharucha author of The Fakir Trilogy and the Last Marathon. The aspects and philosophy is said and given by “Bapuji” . This book unfolds various aspects of life related to human kind and beyond the finite, and many more which is general quest of every being. Today all of us ponder where the hell life is taking all of us. Each of us confines ourselves to this materialistic world. We all are living in illusion, and believe that what we see is everything. But as said by Lord Krishna, “What all you see is Nashwan and what is not seen with the earthly vision is actual and real.” We usually forget this fact and engaged our self in fulfilling our desires and wishes and trap our self to the bondage of physical matter. This book will take you to the journey within our self and the way to connect with the Almighty. It will help an individual to destroy all the attachments to discover the spiritual progress; divine knowledge thy sole quest. It will give you an understanding of Mukti and jeevan mukti and gives everybody the aim towards mankind. While going through this magnificent book you will know the clutches of Death and Karma. It will also give you an experience of attaining the divine power by bringing the light or param tatva within and enlighten your soul. This divinity will disseminate in the cosmos and will eventually change the universe just with the power of our thoughts or sankalp, and the energy defuse on the whole globe and everywhere would light light and light, and the universe will be blessed with divinity. This book will help you to get answers to all minute questions, who am I, Life after Death, Karma Theory, Summary of all the Vedas and shastra and last but not the least will know about The Aum tatva and its power.

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To sum up, The Aum of all Things is a book about Oneness, and is a sublime and enchanting journey of time spent by the author with the recluse hermit, Dashrathbhai Patel, lovingly called Bapuji and Sushma Tandon with respect called Mataji.

The Aum of All Things can change your life and help you to achieve internal peace. It reveals to us how to overcome the limitations of the gross body and ascend to great spiritual heights.

May the Oneness walk with you, paying you path with Light, a song in your heart, joy in your eyes and wellbeing in your soul.

Be blessed always

Param Shanti

Other information about the book:

The book is available in Pune, Mumbai , Delhi and Ahmedabad, coming soon all over india . It is available on the stores of Crossword across the all major cities.

You can purchase it online on the website of amazon, crossword, flipkart, and many more. just search google.

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