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New Launch :The Aum Of All Things

MaaEvery soul on the earth is in dilemma about what will happen next? What will happen to us? Who will save us? What will we do? Where will we go? Because no human being is happy in this universe which is made up of 5 Elements (Tatvas) and every human being is always in search of truth. We try to find pleasures in this 5 Elements (Tatvas) Universe but all the human beings are unhappy within their soul. This is because he is unable to secure all the worldly necessities but he wanders in search of truth.

With the help of DISCOVERY OF NEW WORLD we are trying to take you on the true path and that truth is seeked by the whole humankind for centuries. Those 33 crore gods-godesses whom we pray are now transformed to human beings and today they worship themselves only. But when the kalpna ends and sins grow more the all mighty god gives man a divine vision to make him Detiy himself and take him to the divine world from mrityulok.

We find god in our Shastras and Vedas but they only shows us the existence of god.and god himself comes to give his recognization and makes us immortal by giving us the divine knowledge.

Which knowledge we are not having today? We have all knowledge about 5 Elements (Tatvas) but we don’t have the knowledge of divine element the aura of Param Tatva (Supreme Elements) that we need today.god himself has to come on earth to give the knowledge of param tatva because no one can be immortal by living within 5 mahabhoot Elements (Tatvas). through this knowledge only we can be transfer into divya tatva from 5 Elements (Tatvas).

God Himself comes and reveals about the mysterious creation for His chosen children.

How did different kinds of souls emerge from the Supreme Soul?

How did the deities live in the deity world beyond five elements?

How did they get the body of five elements?

Moreover, throughout the whole kalpa, how did the deities function?

How does the whole creation get transformed?

In order to receive these divine secrets, plunge into the book and discover yourself.

Our aim is transformation of the Universe:

By imparting Divya Gyan Yog (Divine Knowledge) from India’s ancient 4 Vedas, 16 Upanishads and 18 Puranas.BY imparting Divya Gyan (Divine Knowledge) to 33 crore human who were Devi Devta.

By imparting Divya Gyan (Divine Knowledge) to 33 Crore human we were Devi Devta. Through Divya Gyan and Yog you can feel the experience of 3 worlds.

Everyone has forgotten their identity. Who am I? From where have I come from and who is the Superior of all the three Lok’s? To remind everyone that they are the residents of the Divya Lok and to bring them back to the Divya Lok.

Divya Gyan would:

Eradicate Rog (diseases), Shok (sorrow), Ladai (war) by transforming the whole Universe from Tamo Pradhan (Impure) to Sato Pradhan (Pious).

Convert 5 elements (Tatva) to Supreme elements (Param Tatva) through Divya Gyan.

To set up peace and happiness in the whole universe in order to setup the Divya Duniya (Divine Universe) you are welcome to www.discoveryofnewworld.com

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