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Mystery about millions of Astral Worlds as revealed by God

As it is written in Bhagwath Gita, whenever there is a downfall of righteousness, the Supreme Soul descends in this world, in an ordinary human body and puts an end for suppression of the weaker ones, negative and bad activities and also the wrong paths of life. Today, in the name of religion, violence prevails everywhere. Humans have come down to the level of beast. How could Kaliyuga become worse than this? While the world becomes a hell, God has to descend directly on this earth. Whichever divine form it is whether of Rama or of Krishna, they come in human forms only.

In the same way, from one seed or powerhouse, the whole creation emerged: everything will get merged in that same Supreme power. We call these activities as “creation and merger”.

How did we come to this world of five elements? Why did we come? When did we come? These secrets cannot be revealed by any of the religious gurus, religious heads, or spiritual guides. That is the reason, Lord Krishna has stated in Gita “I alone elevate even saints, great souls and masters”.

Supreme Soul gives us the divine knowledge which liberates us from this world of death.

How could we liberate ourselves from the clutches of five elements and attain the world of supreme elements? Only the Supreme Soul can give this true knowledge. With the help of His power alone, all the creations get transformed.

How do different kinds of souls attain different level of spiritual perfection and when do they attain? These things are explained deeply by God Himself.

We descended from the incorporeal stage to the subtle, causal light stage and finally to the physical body similar to process of human creation in the physical plane.

If God does not descend on this earth in human form, in each kalpa, great destructions  will sw