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(Availaible in Hindi)
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1) Animated C.D.(Discovery of new world)

In this VCD through animation it is depicted that , when, where, how and why souls were created? How did souls take subtle form and how did the same souls come into the physical world of five elements? Why did the gods, who were driving the world become ordinary mankind? What are they doing today? Where are they? What happens on this earth due to thoughts of 108 seed form souls? Now, Satyug will come after Kaliyug, so in that yug (age) how many souls will be eligible to enter? How the power to enter into the Satyug will come inside the souls? How the whole world will be transformed? The concept of Yog, its method and good or bad fruits of Yog(meditation),everything is depicted in the VCD. These all contents have been shown in this animation CD.

(2) VCD of Bapuji (Parampita, the Supreme Father)Part-I , II and III( Knowledge of beginning, middle and end of the creation)

Part-I :In this VCD you can understand the detailed Knowledge. Who is Brahm and Who is Parbrahm? How the supreme abode( Param Dham ) was created? How the subtle world and original abode were created? What all phenomenon did take place because of thoughts? How the supreme elements were created? To know about Cosmic Power view this CD.

Part-II : Combination of elements ( Mixing of supreme elements , elements and supreme light into the souls)How did it occur? How our five elements body, Abode of Indra, Abode of Brahma, and twenty abodes were formed?

Part-III: Class on Astrology (Devotees and God/Fruits of Devotion)

(3) Class on the three types of bodies: How were the three types of bodies Physical, Subtle and Causal formed within us? What are the functions of these three bodies? How is the disease formed in the subtle due to deficiency of these elements? How the physical body gets diseased? How to get power inside soul? How to charge these bodies? How Cosmic Power can come within the soul? What is the knowledge on ghosts and spirits? How the cells of the bodies were formed and What is the fruit of Karma?

(4) Class of Maa ( Supreme Mother)- Part I- Introduction to Supreme Soul

Part II -How our bodies got transformed from subtle to macro(physical) ?

(5) The essence of knowledge of our classical texts ( Shastras) bapuji class. drama is not 5000 years.

(6) VCD of Maa ( supreme mother) - Murli points for b.k's and p.b.k's