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Divine Message

According to Chhandogya Upnishad “the whole world has its origin in the ether and finally this world is merged into it because this is the highest and the ultimate Abode”. The world drama is nothing but the process of its creation and merger is called one cycle or Kalpa. Let us first discuss the process of creation of the world.

For the creation of a tree, we require its seed. The seed is sown in the earth; it sprouts and germinates into a big tree over a span of time. Human being is combination of body and soul. Body has a separate seed and the process of creation of soul is different.

In the beginning, in the Supreme Abode the Supreme Light called Shiva was just like a flame or big flame in the incorporeal form. The light and might were merged in this stage. There is no thought or in other worlds this is the stage of thoughtlessness no feelings, no emotions, no actions etc. So we can say that in the Supreme Abode, in the incorporeal stage, the creation takes place only by way of division and sub-division of power without any involvement of thought. This process is thus automatic. This process continues right from the initial stage above 16 celestial degrees up to 16 celestial degrees. The creation of 9 lakh souls takes place in the Supreme Abode in the thoughtlessness stage. The colour of souls is like white mercury light.

When there was nothing in this Universe before any of the creations, there was big ball of power.  In that energy pool, God was in a combined form of light and might. Supreme light represents the father and Supreme might is mother. There two are called as ShivShakthi, Adam and Eve, Adham and Hawwa, and Adhi Devam and Devi.
This alone can be called Brahma Thathva or prime force.

Souls are like little drops in this mighty ocean.

In the highest abode, for timeless period, this divine power had been there as an embodiment of power. Hence, there was a little disturbance in that state of tranquility, the Almighty divided Himself into many split energies called souls.

By the time the creation reaches 9 lakhs, the lower boundary of the Supreme Abode arrives. The souls created so far in the incorporeal form, start transforming into shape in the light form. That marks the beginning of Mool Vatan (Basic World). In the Mool Vatan, the process of creation undergoes a slight change. Now for each creation, thought is to be created in the form ”let us create our creation in our own form”. Then only new creation takes place. The colour also changes from white diamond/mercury light to golden. Due to pre-dominance of golden colour, this is called Golden Age. By the ed of Golden Age at 14 celestial degrees, the population swells to 2 crores and the downfall is from 16 celestial degrees to which is the end of Golden Age and the starting of Suksham Vatan or the subtle world.

There is slight reduction in love in the rays emanating from a soul. The rays coming from one soul strike with the rays of other souls, the friction thus caused brings change in colour, thus after every new creation, there is change in colour of grab of light. By and by variety of colours come up. As the souls fall between 14 celestial degrees it starts acquiring body like human beings but it is of light. Around 13 celestial degrees various limbs are also created e.g. divine ears, hands, feet etc. (Divya Chakshu)

In the Supreme Abode, we were in incorporeal stage. Each soul is a combination of light and might. After a long time, these souls emerge from the left and right sides of the Supreme pool of energy.  Every soul looked like a shining star, being a point of light !

At first, 12 direct creations got separated from God. In the memory of these 12 souls, we have 12 Jyothir Lingams, 12 months, 12 Zodiac signs, etc. From these 12 souls, the other 12 souls emerged. These 24 beads are being counted and prayed by the Hindus.

In the memory of these 24, we have 24 carat gold, 24 hours, 24 divine incarnations, 24 pokes in Ashoka Wheel, 24 Jain Theerthangars (realized souls), etc. Afterwards, from these 24, 108 souls (seed souls) emerged. This rosary expands and becomes the rosary of 1008 beads (Vishnumala). From these emerged 16,108 rosaries, which are called Vaijayanthimala.

In this way, the division of energies went on and on until it reached 9 lakhs of soul population, by automatic division of power.

After this, the world of divine origin starts with 16 celestial degrees as the divine energy diminishes slowly in the souls, thought energy emerges. Due to loss in divine power, souls descend from the incorporeal stage to the stage of light form. From the incorporeal world, the world of divine light form was created. At the end of this causal world (14 celestial degrees) with the help of thoughts, the creation reached 2 crores. Below 14 celestial degrees, subtle world started. At this stage, the speed of thoughts became faster: In such a way, from each soul, another soul emerged and this was an ongoing process. Hence, the soul became weaker and weaker.

When for the first time, each soul saw the other one in the form of light body and started thinking “Who are they, and Who am I” ?  The light form of every soul looked alike. Hence, the feeling of brotherhood arose. The soul, which had maximum energy level seemed to be the powerhouse and became the God-Parent for all other souls. In this way, due to the output of thoughts the energy level became very low and at that stage, the subtle world was created.

In the same way in which we make palaces and gardens in the corporeal world, we created such things in the subtle world with the help of thought power. By seeing each other while meeting, negative thoughts and indifferent attitudes occurred. In subtle world, souls were in Supreme elements, lighter and more powerful body.

The subtle and the corporeal worlds are interdependent. Until the end of the subtle world, 6.5 crores of soul population were created. At 9 celestial degrees, in a combined form, each soul started performing both the female and male acts. Sometimes, it took the male part and sometimes that of the female. In such combined forms, they looked like Ardhanarishwara (half male and half female). At 8.5 celestial degrees, soul (Purush) and its creative power (Prakriti), got separated themselves completely. In this way, the act of creation stopped because the souls cannot interact due to the separation of light and might.

Angels in the subtle world had slowly descended and now had become ordinary human beings in this world of death. The angels had completely forgotten their liberated state and got imprisoned in five elements.


At this moment, we, the souls are in gross five elements. Everybody’s intellect has turned as hard as a stone.

The Supreme Father grants the hidden divine knowledge, divine form, and divine intellect back to us, so that we could realize our divinity and transform the whole creation being in the same physical body. God chooses 108 seed souls to grant divine knowledge for the sake of universal transformation.

Souls could climb up the spiritual ladder to the extent of their thoughtlessness and faith in God in human form. Due to waste thoughts, we descended and being in Nirsankalpa (a state of thoughtlessness) alone, we could strengthen the force of Supreme elements.

Let us recharge ourselves directly from the Supreme Powerhouse.

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