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Once upon a time, a disciple  asked Buddha “O Lord , iron cuts the mountains, thus iron is more powerful . Fire is capable of melting iron which means fire has more power than iron .Fire can also be controlled by water. It makes water to be more powerful than fire . Water can also be dried by air. Thus air is stronger than water. But what is more powerful than air”? Buddha replied “O Son! thoughts are most powerful. Therefore , you be powerful by retaining positive thoughts.”

Speech and actions are also based on thoughts. Even if somebody is to be scolded,we    plan in mind, I will speak like this , say this and that, and our actions reflect body language accordingly.

Knowledge is also based on thoughts e.g. knowledge of soul, drama. The stage we attain in meditation is also dependent on the thoughts we have in our mind. Scientific researches and inventions are also based on thoughts. Brahma created the world through thoughts.

The reason of our downfall from incorporeal thoughtlessness stage in the supreme abode to gross body in the corporeal world of five elements is emergence of thought of creation. Thus the downfall of the soul from the stage of excellency of the bondage can be directly attributed to the thought power.
The process of going up from 0 celestial dregees to 16 celestial dregees to incorporeal world in the supreme abode is also dependent on thought i.e. rise and fall of soul is based on thought negative or positive .
Thought power is most powerful. Why is it most powerful ? because this power has its origin in the supreme abode i.e. paramdham. Thought power is the first child of the stage of thoughtlessness. Thought power is the mother of all other powers. It is this power of thought can eradicate more than 70% of the mental diseases.

Thoughts are of three types:

Positive thoughts
Negative thoughts
Useless thoughts

Positive thought are thought which take us to the supreme soul. The thoughts , which improve the stage of the soul , are positive thoughts. The thoughts which take us away from the Supreme soul, are negative thoughts. The thoughts which lower the stage of the soul, are negative thoughts.  The useless thoughts are those thoughts, which neither improve nor lower the position of the soul. The thoughts which neither take us near the Supreme Abode nor away from him, we can say they are neutral thoughts. But because the useless thoughts or the neutral thoughts, do not improve the position the soul, therefore we count them in the category of negative thoughts. The aim of our life and the summary of all the Vedas is “Let pure thoughts pour to you from all the sides at all the times, at all the places and, in all the ways.”
The faculty of soul where the thoughts are created is called mind. Mind has two parts –conscious mind and subconscious mind . The conscious mind is only 10% whereas the subconscious mind is 90% . Out of 10% of conscious mind we hardly use 4-5 or 6%. Thus our vast mental energy to extent of 95-96% is not utilized or is lying dormant.  That is why conscious mind is called tip of an iceberg in relation to subconscious mind.
When we are awaken our conscious mind is working and subconscious mind is dormant but when we sleep, conscious mind awakens. The conscious and subconscious come in contact with each other twice in a day at time of awakening from sleep and secondly at the time of going to sleep.
The subconscious mind has potential of doing even the most difficult tasks. The conscious mind transfers the information to subconscious mind and recalls back the same whenever needed, from subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does the work of storing the information.
Normally the human mind vibrates 14-21 times/sec. Through Yogic exercise and meditation , these vibrations can be reduced. When they are reduced to 7-15 cycles/sec. then any instructins given to subconscious mind to do a particular job, then that job will be accomplished. In medical science this called alpha stage of mind.
It is to be mentioned here that the movement of planets and stars in the sky is also dependent on the power of thoughts. When a particular soul achieves a stage of thoughtlessness, on the earth, his star also becomes motionless in the sky.
The increasing population of the world is also the result of increased number of thoughts in the seed souls. If the seed souls achieve the stage of thoughtlessness, the loss of energy will be nil, and the population of the world will stop increasing .
The souls become powerful in the stage of thoughtlessness because the loss of energy is at the 0 level. In that stage the vibrations emanating from the soul are very subtle say at the micro level. The vibrations so spreading in the ether balance the four elements and also refine the four elements leading to increase in production of purification of basic elements like air and water thus bringing all round  prosperity, harmony and peace on the earth. Our thoughts create vibrations around us which generate atmosphere. The positive thoughts create positive consciousness in the body which results in the charging of the cells of the body and also help making the atmosphere positive.
Therefore our endeavour  should be not only to abstain from negative thoughts but also create only positive thoughts,powerful thoughts and minimum thoughts so as to put this valuable treasure to proper use, for upliftment of the souls and for the benediction of the world .