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Secret Of Miracles

By:- Anant patel
(member of Vishnu party)

God says" Neither I give something nor I take anything".Whatever is happening today in this world, you yourself can realize?T.V. is showing events about ghosts and evil spirits. Everyday T V is showing new serial about miracles and deeds of spirits. Today everyone has become fed up with the current world and wishes that he or she must not take rebirth. Therefore that particular soul keeps on roaming around the earth even after death. It is told in Gita that at the time of death whatever is thought by the soul , so becomes the state of the soul.

In this life there are unnatural deaths occurring and whosoever commits suicide they become a ghost or spirit. Who will give liberation to these spirits at the end of the creation? It is told in Gita" I descend to tell ways to Sadhus, saints and evil spirits the way to liberation."

So with this "Yoga" spirits and ghosts can be given liberation.
True events of spirits and ghosts
Example 1: Indrajal broadcasted by Zee News ( 15-7-07)
In this serial it was shown that there was a boy who was fed up of his ancestor so he went to an occultist. There came a boy’s ancestor into his body and announce that make a temple for me in which I can stay.
The answer is: From this example we understand that even after the death of a person and those who do not want to take re-birth they also need place to stay, things to eat and drink etc. That’s why in our India we find lots of temple of the Gurus,(dharma guru), Mahatma and Saints (sadhus) and not of God. There were 33 crore deities (devi-devta). Where have they gone? Actually these deities have become human beings and have forgotten their entity.

Example 2: India TV – News Channel
The length of garland on Saibaba’s photo increased from 3 ft to 11 ft. This happened in Noida Sector-16 and Sabarmati Ahmedabad
This miracle was shown in TV everywhere and the mystery behind this was not revealed by anyone.
These all miracles are performed by Saibaba’s followers who had left this physical body and are roaming as spirits everywhere. They only want to boost their religion and wish to increase their followers. But these spirits have very limited powers. They cant do more than this .If they have so much powers then Why don’t they help to stop all the corruption, atyachar, papachar from the world. Why don’t they make these terrorist caught. Why they waste their energy in engaging themselves in showing these miracles. The answer to this is very simple these spirits have restricted powers. They can’t save this world. They don’t have the knowledge to save this world. The God can only save this world from the disaster and this is the difference between the spirits and the Dharam pita founders of the different religion.

Example 3: India TV – News Channel
In news, a clip was shown in which it was telecasted that in an ashram a vagya had been conducted. There came a soul of mahatma (saint). That saint spirit was found sitting in the vagya. The saint had died 7 years ago. The saint was able to senn with the naked eyes sitting in the vagya. The clip was taken by a person from a mobile phone.
This incidence proof that the spirits (bhoot, prêt) do exist. After looking this no one can deny their existence. Though they can’t be seen. Saint had power that if he wish to be seen by others then and then only he appeared in the vagya and in clip taken from the mobile. So to conclude that the souls when wish then only they would appear in front of any body otherwise they will not. When a person dies his sanskar (nature) goes with his soul. He performs according to his sanskar even after death.

Example 4: IBN 7 – News Channel
In this news 10 clips were shown made in foreign. It was clearly shown that one lady soul (spirit) was crossing the road. That lady soul met an accident. Then she thought why did God kill her? The soul determined to take revenge. On the same spot many accident happened due to this soul. This continued till the soul got satisfied. And another clip which depicts a small kid soul was playing in the home. The kid boy’s image was clearly seen in the TV. He was seems to play and roam in the house yard.
Third clip shown, in which the soul was throwing the things kept on the table. No soul was appearing on the TV. But the things were flowing in the air.

Example 5: Zee News – Kaal Kapal Mahakal
In this episode they showed a person who can tell about anybody’s past, present and future. He can tell about person’s name, surname, native place, birth place, career, present salary, family member’s names and age, addresses etc. without even knowing about him beforehand. He can tell all these in the first sight itself?
How is it possible?
The answer is very simple. Our soul is a live recording video. The person who tells you the history has a soul (spirit) who helps them directly and indirectly. The spirit is a slave to a person who tells the history and the spirit has to act and work at a command of his master. These occultists generally have the spirits under their control which tell the history and the way to solve the problem of the third person.
These spirits have the body made up of three elements i.e. space (aakash), air (vayu) and fire(agni). Whereas we humans have 5 elementary body. So absence of the solid elements (water and earth element) in the spirits (also called ghost) being powerful then us can do anything and can easily tell the history of anyone.
The most important to note that any unnatural act (positive or negative) is beyond the capacity of the normal human being. He/she is supported by some three elementary body souls.

Example 6: Sahara News – Live telecast of jyotish ( Patel from Kheda district Gujarat)
In that programme , people call this person in the studio of the news channel and want to know their future. Patel asks them date of birth, place and present time and location of the person asking question? After the complete inquiry the person, Patel translates all those in Gujarati language and then after he talks with a soul and after hen the soul answers in Gujarati, he translates back into Hindi and then gives the answer.
It is very clear that this jyotish uses some soul who helps him. Jyotish also told that he has Mataji’s power who answers the questions.
In today’s world each and every jyotish, occultist and magician has such a spirit or soul to help them.

Example 7:
In Christian religion too, now a days lot of miracles are being shown. The number of Christian souls must not decrease is the motive of the spirits who are loyal to Christian religion so they help to keep the population of Christianity constant by doing miracles. Even in the religion of Islam, small miracles are seen in some Dargah or Mosque quite often. These all miracles are to keep the number of the followers constant or increased.
Some Guru’s soul comes in the dreams of the disciple and orders him to make a temple for him. After the temple is built, Guru’s soul resides in that temple and remedies the pains and sorrows of his disciples and fulfills the desires of his disciples. Today after each temples the same story of miracles goes on.
Example 8: Drinking of milk by the idol of Lord Ganesha, Falling of tears from the eyes of idol of Lord Hanuman, Falling of tears from the eyes of idol of Miss Mary, Ocean’s water getting sweet, emergence of honey from the eyes of idol of Saibaba, we see and listen such type of news on almost daily basis. Then who is responsible for them?
Now it has become clear that ghosts and spirits are ruling the universe today.Science may not agree with this today as this knowledge is beyond science.Our Shashtras
(Classical texts) have also reaffirmed the existence of ghosts and spirits. ( Refer : " Punarjanma and Parlok, Gita Press, Gorakhpur). In this book it has been told that a soul is 2000 years old, another is 5000 years old and someone is one Kalpa old.
If God had come in only one religion, he would have shown miracle in only one religion.Why He would have shown miracles in all the other religions?
Open Your Eyes:-
So Brothers and Sisters , open your eyes. Whatever soul thinks at the time of death, so will be his or her Gati ( State)
Terrorists souls help terrorists only. If a terrorist dies, he helps terrorists in intensifying terrorism. They are helping Osama Bin Laden by entering into the terrorists bodies
If you want to save the world from evil spirits, you have to give liberation to these souls. This will be possible only when you will get divine vision and divine knowledge of the Supreme Soul through which you can give salvation (moksh) to the evil spirits

Param Shanti



By:- Beejroop
(member of Vishnu party)

If you really want to understand the depth of knowledge of Vishnu Party you should brush your fundamentals of Quantum Physics and Energy Physics. Whatever theory has been propounded for the matter and energy in quantum physics and energy physics is analogous to what the Parampita says in the Knowledge of Vishnu Party .

As matter changes form, it releases energy, similarly souls get created from Supreme father(Supreme Soul who is in the subtle light point) and release energy towards slow degeneration to lower levels of existence. As there are different levels of electron clouds around the atom's nucleus (in case of matter) , similarly there are different levels of energy of souls around the nucleus i.e. Supreme father( Positive being male and negative being females as they have subtle and causal bodies). To elevate from one energy level to the higher energy level one needs to absorb extra energy in case of material energy. Similar theorem is applicable in case of becoming deity( Higher Level of Energy) from mankind ( Lower Level)and further up towards origin of creation.

There is a science of time also. As in the case of decay of material it takes millions of years for radioactive material ( depending on half life) to release energy and obtain its half mass. Similar is true for soul which degenerates over a period of millions of years. Within 5000 years of drama cycle or Kalpa it is not possible for the complete creation from the original source ( Supreme Soul). Now has the time come when the complete creation has been established on this earth and time for rejuvenation has started which will take the same time through which it was created .

We all have only one original source of creation that is " Supreme Soul" and He further creates into many souls and those souls further creates down and each time each level having lesser energy than the higher level. As electrons release energy when it comes down from higher level to lower level , similarly souls releases energy if it falls from higher level to lower level. And that energy further degrades " Prakruti" or " Nature".

Vishnu Party's knowledge can only be revealed by someone who knows the complete process of degeneration and regeneration of soul and matter. ( I mean to say complete process and now just a few steps as is in the case of BK and PBK).

Its purely scientific and Einstein's equation E=hv can be related to it where v is the frequency, E is the energy at a particular state , say Devta State or Man State or Demon State . v is the frequency of thought. Science has well established that thought is sent through waves and wave has a frequency. So to go to higher energy level one should imbibe very intense positive thoughts through some energy source which can be imbibed by getting rays from the lokas above Brahmapuri, Vishnupuri and Shankar Puri i.e. from Moolwatan and from beyond that which is Paramdham depending on one's desire of connectivity . We can get linked to those lokas similar to we get linked to each other in tangible world ( Sthool World) through wireless communication. such as internet , mobile, bluetooth , infrared etc. The intensity of communication between lokas is dependent on the purity of the sender and purity of the receiver( its again a matter of scale where the communicators stand). If we connect ourselves to the right loka or right origin from where we have come we will get the immense ecstasy by getting the right kind of element within our causal body( As you might be aware Sakshi has already told you all that we have three bodies ). The purer are you , the better connect you will have with the higher lokas. So please check your mind's level of purity before putting up any argument as one might be guided by some impure powerful souls residing in lower lokas. May be one is being guided by some negative spirits. Similarly one may be guided by good spirits of higher lokas. It is a matter of power of silence in which one will see his divine image and can judge oneself well whether this knowledge is applicable to him and that will establish how much closer one was with the Supreme Soul in the past. One’s level of transformation will depend how much pure energy one will imbibe from the right source. Churning useless or negative thoughts will keep one there only or further drain the energy and will not help you imbibing right elements for you to get transformed yourself and then the world.

A lot can be inferred and experienced through Vishnu Party's knowledge if you are truly scientific , logical as well as spiritual. There is nothing against BK, PBK or anybody else. Only thing I want to say that plaese get the full knowledge first and then experience it and then you will see your all queries (being guided by some negative forces in the guise of being logical )gets resolved like melting of solid iron.

You are the best judge yourself as you have to transform yourself first .

Param Shanti


My husband had joined the institution “Vishwa Paivartak Iswariya Vidyalaya”  initially in 2006. I had doubt and fear in my mind that my husband will leave me and become a “sanyasi” because he was to much engross into the spiritual talks. But when I started observing changes in our life.

I found this institution unique and decided to visit Ahmedabad personally.
When I visited with the whole family including my in-laws and 7 year old daughter in the campus of Adhyatmic Vidyalaya in Feb 2009, I found

- Very powerful vibration in the  campus
- Very lovable “Mat- Pita” Bapuji and Mataji
- Very lovable divine family
- Very powerful method of meditation - A clear goal to transform the whole Universe through “divine form of meditation” and  “Magnificent meditation.”

The Goal of the institution is to find out the different beads of the Maala (garland) of the Universe which would be of 108 beads, 1008 beads, 16108 beads and 9 lakhs bead who have created  their universes and they would only will transform their Universe and then the whole Universe will become from “Vyakt” to “Avyakt” (gross to subtle) and all negativism, sorrows will vanish.

-Vinita Saurabhbhai.


Self Realization, Time Realization and  CosmicTransformation

The whole affair of the universe is of soul and matter merging and demerging into each other with the progress in revolution cosmic time cycle. Its pertinent now to understand how souls were formed, how they interact with matter, how bodies are formed and how the whole interaction takes place between Purush-Prakriti( Soul-Matter). Understanding this process would lead to self realization .Time realiazation is important to know about where were us in the past births? How our souls were formed out of " Grand Source of Light" trillions of years ago on the grand cosmic cycle. How we changed our form from Incorporeal to subtle and then to gross? There is certainly a correlation between origin of universe , origin of souls and their transformation down to today's form.