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Subtle Body

In Bhagavith Gita , three types of bodies are mentioned: 1.Physical body, 2. Subtle body and 3.Causal body. In broad sense, physical body can be seen with our eyes and made of 5 elements,  subtle body cannot be seen and made of 3 elements only. we are unable to see inner organs of our physical body even though they are very much present, in the same way, we cannot see the subtle body. Lord Krishna says, ”what ever we see with our physical eyes are perishable or not permanent and that which are invisible alone real and permanent. Take for example, we can see the fan rotating or the illumination of a bulb but not the electricity (power) behind the operation. Likewise, we can only experience our subtle body.

Our subtle body is connected and covered with our physical form. When a person goes to unconscious state, if he gets injected or operated upon he will not feel any pain or know what’s happening. Whereas a fully conscious person experiences everything including the pain. Because, after the anesthesia and unconsciousness, his subtle body come out of his physical body. When a person fell ill, at first his subtle body gets affected. That means his aura body gets affected and becomes week.

In our physique, subtle body plays an important role of thinking, decision making, feeling etc. Our characteristic resolves are recorded in subconscious mind, attachment,  hatred, affection, indifference and jealousy etc are some of the human emotions, which emerge from our semiconscious mind. Subtle body can travel anywhere, collect information's, come back to the corporeal body and all those details. There were many instances shown in our scriptures. Sages, saints and spiritually elevated ( evolved) souls could do this kind of astral journey, even when they were alive. In the era of Mahabharath, Sanjaya was describing in detail the war events of Gurukshetra , even though he was not physically present at the battle field. Likewise, we too can bring the subtle body out of our corporeal form and send it wherever we like; as we make a kite and fly it keeping on end of the thread in our hands, an invisible silver cord will be acting as a link between the physical and subtle bodies.

When we were angels, there was light and power in the aura around our body. But now, we have become ordinary humans and our aura had lost its original power. We do not have thought power too. By recharging our subtle body and rejuvenating ourselves, we could improve our power of thought( Sankalpa) and implement God’s will!

*Keep your mind clean and pure, as our thought forms follow us even after our death.

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